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Does the world need yet another gluten free snack? Probably not. But how about one that’s gluten free, healthy and leaves your mouth drooling like Homer Simpson eyeing up a stack of doughnuts? Yes. Then Cheesies are for you.

What are Cheesies?

They’re cubes of cheese that have been dried and baked to make them crunchy and gobsmackingly tasty. It’s all the goodness of cheese with nothing added. They’re filling, easy to eat on the move, and they taste incredible.

Why are Cheesies a great gluten free snack?

We only use vegetarian rennet in Cheesies. Cheesies are also high in protein and very filling. Exactly what you need to keep you going between meals and avoid grazing on those extra calories. We think that makes Cheesies a great gluten free snack.


They sound amazing, what else do I need to know?

There are five types of Cheesies available: strong, salty, punchy Cheddar; sharp, sweet, punchy Gouda; nutty, buttery, punchy Emmental; mild, creamy, punchy Goats Cheese; red, tangy, punchy Red Leicester. They have no carbs, are gluten free and vegetarian too.

What if I’m counting calories?

Compared to other vegetarian snacks, a serving of Cheesies has a similar number of calories. A 20g bag has around 120 calories. That’s about the same as a similar portion of nuts or a sweet bag of popcorn. Sold? Give Cheesies a try. Like now.

It's cheese, but
not as you know it.

Variety Pack - Why not have them all?

Trying to decide on a favourite? Grab yourself a box, featuring a selection of your favorite 5 flavours: crunchy popped balls of Cheddar (x2), Gouda (x2), Emmental (x2), Goats Cheese (x2) and Red Leicester (x2).

Get your mouth around Cheesies. Delicious crunchy popped balls of cheese. It's cheese, but not as you know it.

And if you’re not sold yet, Cheesies snacks are carb free, high in protein, vegetarian and gluten-free. Versatile snack made from just one pure ingredient – 100% real cheese, nothing else. Perfect for sharing, or not.

How are Cheesies made?

Cheesies is a simple idea; take cubes of cheese, then dry and bake them until you have crunchy popped balls of deliciousness.

Are Cheesies vegetarian?

Yes. Our Cheesies are vegetarian (we use a vegetarian rennet).

Do Cheesies contain any allergens?

Yes. Cheesies contains lactose from milk. They are free from all other allergens.

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