Keto Cheese Snacks

High in<br>Protein

Keto Diet snacking can be tricky, because 'carb free' doesn't always mean tasty. If you’re looking for a keto-friendly and completely carb free snack your tastebuds will high-five you for, meet Cheesies.

What are Cheesies?

They’re cubes of cheese that have been dried and baked to make them crunchy and gobsmackingly tasty. It’s all the goodness of cheese with nothing added. They’re filling, easy to eat on the move, and they taste incredible.

Are there any carbs in Cheesies?

Zilch, zip, nada. Cheese is naturally carb free so Cheesies are too, making them a perfect keto snack.


What kinds of Cheesies can I try?

There are five types of Cheesies available: Cheddar - strong, salty, our bestseller for a reason Red Leicester - red, tangy, packs a flavour punch Gouda - sharp, sweet, a mouthful of flavour Emmental - nutty, buttery, and utterly more-ish Goats Cheese - mild, creamy, may surprise you They all have no carbs, no sugar, high protein, and are even gluten free and vegetarian too. Each 20g bag has around 120 calories.

Don't just take our word for it

We're proud of our 5 stars on Trustpilot and our consumers rave about our amazing crunch and epic flavour of our cheese keto snacks. Cheesies are so damn tasty and convenient, we know you’ll love them if you give them a try. What are you waiting for?


How do I get my discount?

Just fill your basket and we will automatically apply code LPSNACKTWENTY at checkout for you. We also offer FREE UK delivery for orders over £15.

Variety Pack


We get it. You couldn't decide. You've come to the right place. We've got three GRATE Variety Packs:

VARIETY PACK 8 bags with Cheddar, Red Leicester and Gouda (2 of each) and Goat's Chese, Emmental (1 of each).

BIG VARIETY PACK 20 bags with Cheddar, Red Leicester, Gouda, Goat's Cheese, Emmental (4 of each).

PARTY PACK 16 sharing bags with Cheddar, Red Leicester, Gouda, Emmental (4 of each). Perfect for parties, sharing or scoffing solo (we don't judge).

Cheesies crunchy baked snacks: 

  • have no sugar (at all)
  • have no carbs (no really, none at all)
  • are high in protein
  • are veggie friendly (we use vegetarian rennet for the cheese nerds amongst you)
  • are gluten free

Cheesies are perfect for nibbling al desko, with a drink or even as croutons with salad or soup. Do what you like, we don't judge.

Some things we do have to mention:

  • No fridge required, take them wherever you want. 
  • Store in a cool, dark place. Like a Berlin club. 


How are Cheesies made?

Cheesies is a simple idea; take cubes of cheese, then dry and bake them until you have crunchy popped balls of deliciousness. 100% Cheese, nothing else.

Are Cheesies vegetarian?

Yes. Our Cheesies are vegetarian (we use a vegetarian rennet).

Do Cheesies contain any allergens?

Yes. Cheesies contains lactose from milk. They are free from all other allergens.

no carbs high in protein gluten free vegetarian
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