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What can you eat on a keto diet?

Broadly speaking, you can eat unprocessed meat, fish and seafood, eggs, vegetables that grow above ground, high fat dairy and some nuts and berries. We recommended joining an online keto diet community as it’s a great way to gain support from a community and ask specific questions.


Can you eat cheese?

Most types of cheese are perfect for keto since they are either no or low carb and taste great.

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not as you know it.

What are Cheesies ?

Cheesies are a brand snack containing just one ingredient, cheese. They are made by cubing cheese, that’s dried and baked until they pop. You end up with a gobsmacking, intense crunchy cheese snack.

How many carbohydrates in Cheesies?

You won’t find any carbs in Cheesies making them a perfect keto snack to keep you going between mealtimes.

Variety Pack

Trying to decide on a favourite? Grab yourself a box of 8 bags or 20 Bags of Cheesies featuring a selection of our 5 delicious Cheesies.

The 8 Bags box contains  x2 Cheddar, x2 Red Leicester, x2 Gouda, x1 Goat's Cheese and x1 Emmental all in one go. That works out just about £1 / bag.

The 20 bags box contains x4 Cheddar, x4 Red Leicester, x4 Gouda, x4 Goat's Cheese and x4 Emmental all in one go (well in one delivery, how you eat them is up to you). That works out at just £0.89p per bag, so now you can enjoy.
Get your mouth around Cheesies. Delicious crunchy popped balls of cheese. It's cheese, but not as you know it - dry baked crunchy popped cheese - gobsmackingly tasty.

And if you’re not sold yet, Cheesies snacks are carb free, high in protein, no sugar, vegetarian and gluten-free. Versatile snack made from just one pure ingredient –100% real cheese, nothing else. 

Used as a salad topper, soup crouton, paired with a drink or simply on its own.

Made from 100% cheese, nothing else.

Store in a cool, dark place. Best enjoyed within 14 days of opening.

How are Cheesies made?

Cheesies is a simple idea; take cubes of cheese, then dry and bake them until you have crunchy popped balls of deliciousness. 100% Cheese, nothing else.

Are Cheesies vegetarian?

Yes. Our Cheesies are vegetarian (we use a vegetarian rennet).

Do Cheesies contain any allergens?

Yes. Cheesies contains lactose from milk. They are free from all other allergens.

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