100% cheese, baked til crunchy.

Make snacking tastier with Cheesies.
  • High protein
  • From 115 calories
  • no carbs
Variety Packs
Variety Packs
Variety Packs
Variety Packs

Why not have them all?

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We get it. You couldn't decide. You've come to the right place. We've got three GRATE Variety Packs:

VARIETY PACK 6 bags with Cheddar, Red Leicester, Gouda, Goat's Cheese, Emmental, Chilli Cheddar. (1 of each).

BIG VARIETY PACK 24 bags with Cheddar, Red Leicester, Gouda, Goat's Cheese, Emmental, Chilli Cheddar. (4 of each).

PARTY PACK 16 sharing bags with Cheddar, Red Leicester, Gouda, Emmental (4 of each). 

It really is just cheese.

You love cheese, it's why you're here to start with. But we get it, you're bored of cheese flavoured snacks. So are we. That's why we created Cheesies.

A 100% cheese snack that's simply baked til crunchy and has all the powerful punch and tastiness of your favourite cheese.

Oh & we should mention that Cheesies don't need to kept in a fridge so they're perfect for on the go. We know, it all sounds unbelievable. And yet it really isn't.

what the "f" are cheesies?

Cheesies are cubes of 100% cheese baked til crunchy. It really is as simple as that. No junk, no nasties, nada.

This means that these cheesy lil’ morsels naturally have no carbs & no sugar as they’re literally just cheese. Starting from 115 calories per serving, Cheesies are also high in protein, gluten-free and veggie friendly.

But most importantly, they’re gobsmackingly tasty.  

How good can they realllly be?

We’ve sold THREE MILLION BAGS & counting, which we reckon is
pretty impressive given Cheesies is only 2 years old. We’re also super chuffed to say that we featured in THE Nigella’s crisp cauldron (check out her IG here) and got rave reviews live on air from the Radio X Team.

We also have an EXCELLENT 4.7 TrustPilot rating so don’t just take our word for it, trust the THOUSANDS of reviewers who swear by Cheesies. 

Don't just take our word for it...


These snacks are the little gems generations will look back on in decades to come and reminisce about the time we discovered Cheesies.

Abi H

Trustpilot, 2020


OMG!!!!! What an innovative idea! You know when you make cheese on toast and there are crispy bits hanging off the sides....this is what Cheesies taste like!

Gill C

Trustpilot, 2021


Now, these geniuses at Cheesies have brought us a product everybody needed; they just didn't know it! Pantry cheese that you can just throw in your bag, and at any time of day, in all conditions, and without a fridge in sight you can get delicious cheesy goodness.


Trustpilot, 2021


Cheesies are evil. They make you want more. I have bought boxes for my family for Christmas presents, so that they can also 'suffer' getting down to the last bag and having to wait for the next delivery.
Everyone should have to 'suffer' Cheesies.

Jack S

Trustpilot, 2021


Do NOT buy these! Especially the Gouda ones. They are ridiculously addictive and you’ll find yourself creeping downstairs at 2am trying to score an extra packet before the kids spot them! Intense nutty cheesy yumminess in perfectly sized packs that come in boxes of deliciousness.


Trustpilot, 2021