Win £500 at sainsbury's

🧀 FANCY WINNING £500?* 🧀

Good, because Team Cheesies really need your help. To enter to win, go & buy a bag (or 100) of Cheesies at Sainsbury’s and email us a pic of your receipt. Simple as that.

How does this help? 

We’re on trial RIGHT NOW in Sainsbury’s stores and on, and we need to prove to them that we belong there.  This is where you come in.  

You buying Cheesies at Sainsbury’s will not only thrill your tastebuds 🎉, but also help us convince Sainsbury’s that Cheesies belong in ALL of their shops (which we all know they do). 

So in summary:

✅ Treat your tastebuds to a bag of Cheesies from Sainsbury’s (store list here)
✅ Email the receipt to for your chance to win £500 of shopping vouchers (that’s a lot of cheesies)
✅ Feel good helping Cheesies find their way into every shop, everywhere 

(and bonus, you get to visualise one v happy Team Cheesies weeping with joy)

Win £500 competition

 * Competition closes on Wednesday 1st September so head to Sainsbury’s asap. 1 receipt = 1 entry. 




We’re really sorry, it’s not that we don’t want to be there. Tell Sainsbury’s how much you’d love for Cheesies to be in your local shop on this form >

You’ll need our EAN number (fancy way of saying barcode) which is 5060505820300. 

Whilst it might take you a minute to fill out, please know how grateful we’d be if you did (it means that we might ACTUALLY be able to get to a store near you one day).

Thanks Cheesies fans, we couldn’t be more grateful if we tried,
Craig, Anamaria, Hattie, Molly, Murray, Suzie & Zoe