Want to add a tasty twist to a classic Christmas side dish? We've got you. 

We have a recipe for you that will take your Brussels sprouts to the NEXT LEVEL. Adding a mix of deliciously fried bacon, and outrageously tasty crushed Cheesies

What you'll need:

🧀 400g Brussels Sprouts 

🧀 200g Bacon (diced)

🧀 AS MANY CHEESIES AS YOU WANT (crushed and whole)

The Method:

 👉 Heat a pan on a high heat, adding a little oil

👉 Add your bacon to the pan and fry until brown (the crispier, the better)

👉 Meanwhile trim and halve your Brussels sprouts, keep aside 

👉 Once you are happy with your bacon, remove from pan and place into a bowl

👉 Keep the same pan that you used to fry your bacon on the heat, adding your prepared Brussels sprouts

👉 Toss to coat the Brussels sprouts in the bacon flavours, then cover with either a lid or some foil, reduce the heat to a medium (to avoid burning the sprouts) and cook for 5 minutes

👉 Once your 5 minutes is up, and you are happy with your Brussels sprouts (you can cover and cook for longer in you require more colouring) add the bacon back into the pan

👉 Toss and cook for another 2-3 minutes, then add Cheesies

👉 Using your utensil, crush the Cheesies in the pan, mixing with the bacon flavours

👉 Once you are happy, remove from the pan and place into a dish, for more Cheesies-ness, sprinkle another bag on top

👉 Serve

Want to create this recipe at home? Don't forget the essential ingredient, Cheesies.

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Merry Cheesemas, 

The Cheesies Team