Just cheese,
baked til

100% cheese (literally). Gobsmackingly tasty. No fridge required.

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  • High protein
  • From 115 calories
  • No carbs

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Say Cheese

meet our line-up of gobsmackingly tasty cheese snacks certified to make you yell "where have these been all my life?"

We get it. You couldn't decide. You've come to the right place.

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Sharp & Punchy Cheddar Cheesies - the best seller for a reason.

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Smooth & Mellow Gouda Cheesies - an easygoing vibe.

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Strong & Tangy Red Leicester Cheesies – unflinchingly bold.

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Tongue tingling-ly tasty chilli & cheese mashup.

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Nutty & Mild Emmental Cheesies – down to earth and wild at heart.

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Creamy & Bold Goat’s Cheese Cheesies – sophisticated & understated.

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I feel the need. The need for cheese.

Cheesies turn a block of cheese into an outrageously tasty, crunchy snack just by baking it.   

Literally made from 100% cheese with nothing else added at all, Cheesies are naturally high protein, have no carbs and no sugar at all, and only around 120 calories per serving.  All the amazingness of cheese, but with no fridge needed, Cheesies are perfect for nibbling al desko, on the go, or paired with your favourite drink. Suitable for vegetarian, diabetic, keto and gluten-free snackers.

Dont just take our word for it...