Say Hey to Great Tasting Snacks

We've won some awards & we want to tell you about it...

"These are the very definition of moreish." -  Great Taste Awards, 2021. 

We're super chuffed to announce that Cheesies didn't win just one Great Taste Award, but THREE.

So our Cheddar, Gouda & Goat's Cheese Cheesies are now award-winning and come with some very impressive feedback from the judges. Here's what they had to say...

Cheddar Cheesies

"These are the very definition of moreish. Crispy, crunchy but also melt in your mouth once the flavour has burst onto your palate. The cheddar flavour retains its lactic sweetness but also has a nice balancing tang which makes these so easy to eat by the handful."

Gouda Cheesies

"The flavour is full-on cheese giving Gouda far more flavour than it would normally have. The taste is salty but the salt is integral and an extra bonus is that the snack is not coated in salt or oil so it is not only clean to taste but clean to handle."

Goat's Cheese

"A completely unique texture experience - like the lightest cheese straw but 100% goats cheese! Light, full of flavour, delightfully crunchy and dangerously moreish."

A massive thanks to the people over at Great Taste Awards for this & it's fair to say that we're properly chuffed with this result. Hope you guys all agree with the feedback & let us know your greatest serving suggestions...

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