We caught up with one of our Keto heroes, Keto Lady UK (@ketoladyuk) who has been a supporter of Cheesies since day 1, and is also very influential in the UK Keto community. 

Keto Lady UK has a huge community of followers, lots of who are on a Keto diet, and we thought that she would be the best person for us to pick her brains about everything Keto. 

So, let's get started:


KL: "I first started researching Low Carb (and then keto) after an emergency Gallbladder removal 4 years ago.   

At the start, I cut down on sugar, bread, pasta, potatoes & rice .... and within weeks noticed a big reduction in indigestion, acid reflux and digestive discomfort.  I carried on researching."KL: "My tip for anyone starting out on keto would be to make sure you research, cut down on complex carbs over a period of a few weeks to reduce the affects of keto ‘flu’ and .... keep it simple.   Eat plenty of fresh meat, fish and eggs with veggies and salads whilst researching and checking out other yummy recipes.  It doesn’t have to be complicated.  There are a lot of great resources out there."



KL: "I think the biggest thing I had to overcome when I started keto, was the same thing that ANYONE who has been on a Low Fat Eating Plan has to overcome ..... the fact that fat doesn’t make you fat.  It took a while to get my head around that one."KL: "For me personally, I now eat Low Carb/Keto for my health.  I don’t  have any of my former IBS and ‘brain fog’ issues now."

KL: "As for Cheesies..... what can I say?

I was approached to test these lovely little bites before they even went into production, and even helped vote for the name ..... and I’m proud to be one of their ‘Founding Members’.  

I love cheese, so fell in love with all of the original flavours.  

Cheesies are an amazing Keto snack.  

Not only do they have zero carbs, are a great source of protein and are great for when you are ‘on-the-go’.  They taste amazing too!"

Thank you to Keto Lady UK for taking the time to chat to us, it has been very informative. 

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