Chilli Cheddar Cheesies

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It doesn’t get any CHEDDAR than Cheesies, unless of course you mean NEW Limited Edition CHEESIES CHILLI CHEDDAR. Treat your tastebuds to huge Cheesies flavour, now with the more-ishness of tongue-tingling chilli. Made from 100% Chilli Cheddar and nothing else (no powdered flavouring here thank-you-very-much)...are they a slow burn or fast and furious heat? You decide. 

Hurry though, this heat is only available while stocks last.
Your taste buds will thank you, and probably then need a cold shower (which for us is likely in the form of a cold lager, but you do you).

Chilli Cheddar Cheesies Crunchy Baked Snacks:

  • have no sugar (at all)
  • are low in carbs (0.3g)
  • are high in protein
  • are veggie friendly (we use vegetarian rennet for the cheese nerds amongst you)
  • are gluten free

Cheesies snacks are perfect for nibbling al desko, with a drink or even as croutons with salad or soup. Do what you like, we don't judge.

Some things we do have to mention: 

  • No fridge required, take them wherever you want
  • Store in a cool, dark place because they're that hot*. Like the Death Star.

*Just kidding. 

We are temporarily unable to ship orders internationally (this includes anything outside mainland UK), please see our FAQs for the latest updates.


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Ingredients: Cheddar Cheese (cow's milk), Chilli Pepper blend (Jalapeno Peppers, Dried Chilli Peppers, Dried Green Peppers, Dried Red Peppers, Ground Chilli Powder) (1.7%)

Allergen information: contains dairy.

Per 100g: calories 2,603 KJ/627 Kcal, protein 38.0g, carbs 0g, sugars 0.1g, fat 51.0g, saturates 32.0g, salt 2.7g.

Per 20g serving: calories 521 KJ/125 Kcal, protein 8g, carbs 0g, sugars, fat 10g, saturates 6g, salt 0.5g.

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