1 Egg

1 Baby Gem lettuce head

½ small red onion

15 cherry tomatoes

15 black olives

1/3 cucumber

1 tin of tuna

20g of Emmental Cheesies



Bring a sauce pan full of water to the boil. Carefully lower egg into it and cook for 8 minutes

In the meantime, rip the lettuce leaves and place on a plate. Chop the onion into very thin slices then halve the cherry tomatoes and slice the cucumber in long thing sticks.

Place all your chopped veggies and the black olives on top of your lettuce-laden plate.

When the time is up on the egg, remove the sauce pan from the heat and pour in cold water to stop it from cooking any more.

Roughly spread the tin of tuna over the salad. Once cooled, bang the egg gently on a hard surface and then peel off the shell. Cut it into quarters and add to your plate.

Finally, sprinkle on your Emmental Cheesies to add some much needed crunch.

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