The High Protein snack you need

Whether you’re coming back from the gym, off to the office or even just chilling at home, Cheesies are sure to power you through your day.

As Cheesies are LITERALLY just cheese, baked ‘til crunchy, the protein is strong with this one (note the Star Wars reference). There is a minimum of 7g of protein and around 120 calories per 20g on-the-go bag which we think is pretty ace.

This means Cheesies will keep you going in between meals without the need to resort to snacks full of nonsense ingredients that none of us can understand nor pronounce.

Where do you get these dreamy lil’ morsels from you might be asking?

Getting your hands on Cheesies is ch-easy peasy. You can buy Cheesies here at and even set yourself up for a subscription to get regular deliveries without even thinking about it.

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And up your snacking game now.