0 carbs. 100% DELICIOUS. CHEESIES.

No carbs doesn’t mean no flavour. Cheesies are here for all your carb free snacking needs (oh and they're mega delicious).

If you’re trying to cut down on your carb intake and struggling to find snacks, Cheesies has you covered.

Cheesies are 100% cheese baked ‘til crunchy making us absolutely perfect for those on a carb free diet.

There are 5 NO CARB (as in 0g of carbs in each variety) Cheesies varieties available now: Cheddar, Red Leicester, Gouda, Goat’s Cheese & Emmental. We have bags for on-the-go and for sharing which handily happen to be resealable (not that there’s a high chance of resealing after being opened).

So say goodbye to crap snacks full of carbs…

Fancy a cheesy-no-carb-crouton on your soup or salad? Use Cheesies.
Fancy some no carb chicken nuggets? Use Cheesies.
Cheddar CheesiesVariety PacksRed Leicester CheesiesChilli Cheddar CheesiesGouda Cheesies


And up your snacking game now.