Look we get it. You might not be thinking about Cheesies on Valentine’s Day. You’re thinking about booze, fluffy handcuffs or you’re not thinking about the occasion at all. 

But as people of real wisdom here at Cheesies HQ, we’ve conveniently decided that Valentine’s Day is actually the "Unofficial Day of Cheesiness". Telling your pals or partner you love them, exchanging gifts or practising a bit of self-care, VDay is all about embracing your inner cheese.

So we thought we’d give you our tried & tested tips for a successful Valentine’s Day to spoil your favourite people (or yourself). 

And yes, they do all happen to include Cheesies. And yes, we've basically turned into BuzzFeed. 

Cheesies in bed.

No, not that in that way. 

Get off to a flying start on VDay by presenting your loved one (or yourself quite frankly) with a delightful Cheesies snack selection in bed. Our Variety Packs are guaranteed to put a smile on someone's face and happen to be ridiculously tasty with a mimosa FYI. 

Cook something saucy.

Cook something saucy.

See our recipe for a bloomin’ oozy & sexy Macaroni Cheese HERE. Imagery courtesy of our mate @_stephygee_ on Instagram.

Topped with Chilli Cheddar Cheesies for that extra kick, this recipe is sure to turn up the heat at dinner time. 

Elevate your evening in.

Sit with a bottle of wine & eat a LOAD of Cheesies whilst watching a film.

This can be a joint or solo activity. Cheesies also happen to be 10/10 with your favourite tipple so elevate your evening in by bagging yourself some Cheesies. 

Embrace your inner cheesiness.

Write a poem, sing a song, do a dance. Go on, get cheesy. It's only one day of the year. Check out the poem that Team Cheesies will be using in all of our love letters this year. 

Give the greatest gift of all.

You know what we’re going to say. We’re going to say the gift is Cheesies. We’re here to sell something after all. 

Just forget the flowers this year, you can’t eat flowers. Well, you can but we wouldn’t recommend it. Give the gift of Cheesies. They taste much better. 

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Get Cheesy.

Create the ultimate cheesy experience this Valentine's Day.

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