A Guide to a cheesy bank holiday

It’s yet another bank holiday weekend, which can only mean one thing: LOADS of food.

So we’d thought we’d chime in with our best Cheesies serving suggestions, as Cheesies are pretty versatile indeed.

As a straight Nibble

This is probably the serving suggestion you’ve already been
adopting. Straight from the packet into the gob. Look, you can’t go wrong.

Pop ‘em in some fancy bowls and include them in your BBQ or
picnic platter for all your mates to say ‘cor blimey, what are those?’. This is
actually what they’ll say.

In a recipe

Making a snazzy dinner? Have you ever thought of using Cheesies as an ingredient?

Our mate @_stephygee_ over on IG does it all the time. Whether that be a crunchy topping for Macaroni Cheese, or as a cheesy crispy coating for chicken, Cheesies are 10/10 atop salads, soups & plenty more.

With a tipple

At risk of sounding a lil’ bit fancy, Cheesies work brilliantly with a load of different bevs. A wine? Of course, wine & cheese is a classic. How about a gin & tonic, we hear you cry? Check, check, check.

 And the almighty beer? It’s a dream combo. Check out our proper beer & Cheesies pairings guide here which has some wicked tasting notes to consider.

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And get ready for the ultimate Bank Holiday weekend.