Team Cheesies' Beer Tasting Guide

Team Cheesies' Beer Tasting Guide


 We’re here today to tell you that beer & cheese, and more specifically beer & Cheesies, go together like a dream.  

Here at Team Cheesies, we’re dedicated to research. So we have gone to loads and loads and loads of trouble to try a plethora of beers with stack of Cheesies and written some very basic notes on what goes with what.  

Without further ado, we’re proud to present the findings of this very in-depth research…


Cheddar – this lil’ salty number goes brilliantly with a crisp (and cold) pilsner or lager.

Gouda – we’d say that anything hoppy and anything more complex in the world of IPAs goes lovingly hand in hand with our smooth & mellow Gouda Cheesies.

Goat’s Cheese – we’d recommend wheat and fruit beers here. The touch of acidity and funk they bring is 10/10 with the creaminess of the cheese. 

Emmental – hey brown ales and bitters, welcome to the party. The nuttiness of the cheese is cracking with these beers.

Red Leicester – ye olde faithful. Malty stouts and porters can stand up to the punch of Red Leicester. Someone also suggested that ‘super hoppy lagers also work’ but we can’t remember if that’s what she actually said…

Beer x Cheesies

Get Cheesies

Just remember:

We’re not professionals so take everything we have written here with a bag of Cheesies

  • You can’t go wrong
  • Apparently, you’re meant to try the beer and the Cheesies separately and then try them both together to see how the flavours work and notice any differences (that was actually quite useful and we’re shocked)
  • Make sure to try out different combos, you might surprise yourself
  • Please get in touch to tell us we’re horrendously wrong or gloriously right

Happy tasting,

Team Cheesies


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